David Berceli  "The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process"
introduced me the shaking as a means of releasing trauma.
I shake my hands or feet to release trauma.

Our society sadly is afraid of shaking
Berceli suggests that it is a natural process.
for the body to release trauma.

Detraumatisation from physical assult.

        Those who are threateded with violance and / or have been subjected to physical asult / vioance  experience trauma.

  It is hoped that the general principles of detraumatisation  and trauma release  will be of some assistance.

 May you find peace and recovery in these pages.

      The Parable of the Good Samaritain is of particular relevance.


     Being physically assulted has it's own dimensions:

  • It may have been life threatening
  • You may require first aid or medical attension and after care
  • The matter may need to be reported to the Police
  • there may be a compensation claim for damages

    The aim of these pages is to provie possable keys to recover from the trauma.

    Because our society tends to be dismissive of trauma  and most "put up with it"

many cary trauma in our bodies .

   I found that

prayer often brings release

music can be therapeudic

I found psysiotherapy can release trauma