Links to resources
and sexual assult services

   There came a point in my journey of recovery when I found I was needing to deal with one issue
that arose whilst dealing with another issue.  Sometimes questions arise about other issues
so I decided to write a page which was issue focused
recognising that issues tend to emergeout of sequence with no consistant order
so I wrote a
Grid of Issues

Detraumatisation from Sexual Abuse or Sexual Assult or Sexual Harassment.

             I firstly want to acknowledge the seriousness of all forms of sexual abuse,

                   and that sexual abuse sadly occurs at all ages.

            These pages are written for:

  • Male and Female Survivors
  • Survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assult  and rape.
  • Adult Survivors
  • Survivors of child sexual abuse ( csa)  and adult sexual abuse (asa)

             As an adult male survivor of sexual abuse in my early years when my memories were released

                  ( after a lifetime of being locked away)

    I commenced my journey of recovery.

    It became apparent that there was a need to explore and research and prayerfullly and intelligently

       develop pathways to recover.

   hence these pages.

             Whilst I originally wrote   for adult male survivors of csa

as I shared my story and my progress in recovery I met men and woman who experienced  sexual abuse 

either as infants, children, teenagers or adults.

and saw the need to write pages to acknowledge the wider range of survivors.

        Whilst ultimately there is a need to write seperate pages

it is my desire and prayer that the content will be transferrable concepts

with applications for many. 

please click on the link to understanding csa induced trauma