Trauma release counseling is a specialised counseling

Hopefully funding will be put into researching trauma release

   to produce a body of knowledge for Post Graduate Degrees in trauma counseling.


Likewise  sexual assault  counseling is a speciality.

I am in the process of writing up various trauma release techniques

  that I have found helpful.

These include:  

  • tapping   or  EFT

  • EDMR

  •         "The Revolutionary trauma Release Process""    David Berceli

  •       I often shake my hands or feet to release trauma

  •            during physiotherapy or remedial massage.

  • remedial massage  etc.

  • music therapy

Having done many Google searches and learnt from other survivors

     I now need to go back and  through my hundreds of bookmarks

      and install the links.

Peter Levine is one author

       He wrote many books  including

Walking the Tiger

Healing Trauma

   At one point I had  pain in my pelvic floor  when bending down

I knew it was trauma from csa

   I got physiotherapy and began my now three year journey 

and have experienced much release

One helpful book is

""Ä headache in the pelvis""   David Wise